It is the best way of travelling through time, Seeing the change between the first and last day.


It is a transformation

It is the best way of travelling through time, Seeing the change between the first and last day.

It’ll all be forgotten. But the change that time creates will always be remembered.

Only if it is recorded...


Time Lapse, as it is understood from its name, is an accelerated video technique. It is the visual feast presenting the changes created in the most concrete form by the help of collaborative labor. It's the only time machine we've got that puts the story of a change that lasts 3 years, maybe 5 years, in one or a few minutes video. Unfortunately, these labor and changes do not always give satisfactory results. As it tells the story of the construction of a huge project, the changes in our ruined world are also watched in the most striking manner with that technology. The changes in the poles, where it is impossible to notice a 1-day change, show us in the most striking way how rapid and terrible the change is, in fact, by combining several years of shooting from the same point. The effect that cannot be created, perhaps, with tens of conferences, thousands of articles can be created with only 1-minute video. Therefore, visual media is gaining more importance day by day in our world where competition is increasing. Three-dimensional visualization, which was only used in very large projects in the past, is now used even in the smallest projects. Likewise, the time lapse technique is becoming more and more widespread day by day, and becoming a necessity in almost all projects, from the smallest to the largest.


We are able to take very high-resolution pictures and create Ultra HD time-lapse videos with these pictures thanks to the professional camera within the system.


With 4G connection, we are able to perform instant photo sharing as well as remote control. Thus, we can intervene in case of a possible system failure and ensure the continuity of the shots.


We have created our entire system in line with the time periods when sunlight is least available. In this way, we can shoot for many years without being interfered with the seasons and weather conditions.


We are able to protect all sensitive electronic components in 4 seasons and work without any problem with its IP67 waterproof in military standards, high strength, fully protected case structure.


we estimate the area for free, and assess the most suitable installation point. We do design and manufacture of mounting apparatus in a way that will not cause any harm to the area to be installed.


  • TIGO LAPSE (5184 x 3456)
  • FULL HD CAMERA (1920 x 1080)
  • STANDART CAMERA (720 x 480)


Offline system is a closed box. At various intervals, photographs are taken from inside the device, just as a beekeeper receives honey from the hives. What happened in this process? Is the device still in the place? Has it continued to run smoothly? Nobody can know the answer of these questions. With a sd card failure, 3-month irreversible images may disappear. Even if everything is flawless, even a large stain on the machine's viewpoint is enough to ruin the job.

Yet, it is not possible to have such a problem with online system. Since the images are inspected by our company and seen by customers every day, they are noticed and corrected in case of any problems. Since the images are stored on the cloud server instantly, equipment malfunctions, theft etc. factors do not affect the continuity of shooting.


We would answer that question with two words ‘Clean Energy’ but we use so low energy that It actually doesn’t contribute to clean energy. Solar power, for us, is an independent and unlimited source. We generate our own energy independently. So, we save our customers from infrastructure investment, and we are not affected by power outages and problems in transmission lines.

The most common misconception about solar energy is what happens when the weather is overcast or cloudy. Solar energy does not mean yellow light. Even if the weather is overcast, if the daytime temperature is higher than the evening, the sun continues to heat and illuminate us. Although solar systems don’t not work as efficiently as the time period when the light is strong, it continues to work and give energy


Camera Type DSLR Camera
Resolution 18MP Picture Quality
Picture Ratio 5184 x 3456
Quality 4K Ultra HD
Lens Replaceable Lens Option
Energy Solar Power
Indoor Support AC/DC Adaptor Input
Sharing 4G Live Sharing
Shooting Range User-Defined
Assembly Tool Area Specific Design and Manufacturing


Bureau: Akşemsettin Mah. Alperen Cad. No: 33-35 B / Eyüp - İSTANBUL - TURKIYE
Atelier Muratpaşa Mahallesi Rami Kışla Cad. İşkent San. Sitesi G Blok No: 93
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